Standard Brick Size in India

Depending on national norms, the brick size will vary. The IS code 1077 specifies the brick’s standard size.

India’s Brick Size

India uses four common brick sizes, generally speaking.

Metric bricks, or modular bricks – 190 x 90 x 90 mm. Bricks manufactured by machines are these.
Bricks that are not modular – 230 mm x 110 mm x 70 mm

Bricks in English size – 230 x 115 x 75 mm, or 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches. In India, this is a widely used
Standard bricks: 230 by 110 by 110 mm.
Other dimensions that are dependent on the location exist as well. The blocks shouldn’t weigh more than three kg.

Bricks’ Nominal and Standard Sizes

In a kiln, clay is burned to create bricks in India. IS: 2691:1988 Revision 2 (Clauses 4.1 & 4.2) states that the standard size of burned clay brick is 190 x 90 x 90 mm.

standard size Bricks without mortar – 190 x 90 x 90 mm.
Nominal Size means bricks with mortar – 200x100x100 mm (10 mm).

Brick length is equal to two times its width plus mortar.

Brick Dimension Tolerance by Size

There are tolerances on dimensions since we are unable to make every brick at precisely the right specifications.

  • The block is 100 ± 3 mm long.
  • The brick is 90 ± 2 mm wide.
  • The brick’s width is 90 ± 2mm.

Impressions of Frogs

  • A frog is a dent that runs the length of the bricks on the upper side. The frog should have a depth of 10–20 mm.
  • It strengthens the mortar-brick ties.
  • It lessens the bricks’ inherent weight

Why are standard brick sizes used?

Kilns are used to burn bricks, as you may know. It will be more difficult to burn them correctly as the sizes grow. It would be cooked halfway, much like a samosa’s inside.

The bricks are constructed in a common size for workability. in order for the mason to properly lift and arrange the bricks. It will get more difficult to achieve great precision on the wall measurements if we raise the size. Similarly, Concrete Blocks experience this.

The bricks are produced to fit the size of the columns, which is the alternative explanation. Usually, we keep the columns along the brick walls hidden. For instance, the 9″ by 9″ brick walls will completely hide the 9 by 9″ column and provide a nice look.

Why are bricks used in wall construction?

Low price
It offers more strength.
Simple wall construction using an alternative brick bond type
Brick is easily manufactured close to the building site and is readily accessible.
Also, we can rapidly assess the characteristics of high-quality bricks in the field. As a result, we can choose the appropriate brick for building projects.

Brick Size Standard for Other Nations
The table that follows lists the typical brick sizes for the various nations.

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