18'x35' house Plan west facing

18′ X 35′ house plan west facing | 18 by 35 house plan

Key Features of the 18 x 35 House Plan

This two-bedroom house design has a living hall, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a modular kitchen.

Plot Area630 square feet
Total Built Area630 square feet
Width18 feet
Length35 feet
Bedrooms2 (with Cupboards, Study and Dressing)
Bathrooms1 (1 Common)
KitchenModular kitchen
StairsU-shaped staircase (Inside)
18x35 house plan
18×35 house plan

In this article below given the details of 18 x 35 2BHK house plan.


           In many ways the bedroom is the most important space in the house. For Salvatore, the bedroom is space which calls for sensitive manipulation of light and tone.

  • ·       9′ x 10′ & 9′ x 10’5”
  • ·       Queen sized Bed
  • ·       Almira (Storage for clothes)
  • ·       Dressing
  • ·       TV (if needed)

Bathrooms: – 

      Common toilet is also very important in any house. It is mainly made for commuters and guests. If there is no common toilet, then commuters also have to use the toilet of bedroom.

Common Bathroom: –

  • ·       4’6”’ x 9′
  • ·       Washbasin
  • ·       Toilet
  • ·       Shower
  • ·       Ventilation

Kitchen: –

When design a new home, it is very important to first determine the location of the kitchen, on the basis of Vaastu, south-east is the first option for the kitchen and north-west is the second option. 

  • ·       7’9″ x 6’6”
  • ·       Big window (3′ x 3′)
  • ·       Lower cabinet
  • ·       Upper cabinet
  • ·       Big Fridge
  • ·       4 burner stove with chimney
  • ·       Sink

 Stair: – 

    For planning of a stair, one things to be noted while planning the stair is that  the stair should always rotate in the clockwise direction of the clock, the reverse of this is considered wrong according to Vaastu.

  •  U-shaped Stair (Inside)
  •  9’6″ x 6′

Now we will see approximate details estimate of 18 by 35 house plan.

The GROSS MATRIAL cost, which is 65% of total expenditure, is about Rs. 6,90,000/-.

Let’s look into the above material cost.

STEELRs.1,56,993/- (approx.)
SANDRs.55,440/- (approx.)
AGGRAGATERs.61,425/- (approx.)
BRICKSRs.1,13,400/- (approx.)
TILESRs.60,480/- (approx.)
PLUMBINGRs.24,000/- (approx.)
ELECTRICALRs.54,000/- (approx.)
SANITARYRs.20,000/- (approx.)
DOOR & WINDOWSRs.85,000/- (approx.)
PAINTINGRs.42,750/- (approx.)
EXTRA WORK FOR SEFTYRs.15,000/- (approx)
The LABOUR CHARGE which is 25% of total expenditureRs.2,26,800/- (approx)
The ENGINEER CHARGE which is 10% of total expenditureRs.12,600/- (approx)

Approx. Total cost Estimate: – 10.5 lakhs 

This value is approximate because your estimate depend upon LOCATION and QUALITY of building material.

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